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More than the economic and political concerns, the fall in the moral climate in the country is a more grave issue that has to be tackled at the earliest. There cannot be any difference of opinion that the increasing incidents of murders, violence in personal life and the corruption and nepotism in public life are due to the falling value system in the society. This problem cannot be solved without attacking the root cause.

Obviously, the root cause for the fall in moral climate is the conduct of the politicians and the media and both have to be disciplined at the earliest.

The politics in the country has become a free for all affair with no entry barrier. As the politicians, who get into power through the electoral process largely by using money power and muscle power control the government machinery, the characterlessness of the politicians are transforming the government machinery into a corrupt, inefficient and dishonest den. The bureaucrats , who are supposed to be better educated and trained for their job , are not resisting the negative trends in any visible manner but many of them have succumbed to the temptation and are becoming a willing tool in the hands of the corrupt and self centred politicians. In the process, they themselves have become beneficiaries of the corrupt conditions to some extent. In such scenario, the common men remain helpless and the country’s slide remains unchecked.

In recent times, the rowdies and thugs who would take to violence and nefarious activities readily have become bold and more confident, since they have developed political affiliations and some of them have successfully entered politics and are in political and ministerial positions. Those who could not get into positions in politics still find that they are wanted by the politicians from time to time , particularly while contesting in the elections at various levels or to settle political and personal scores. Sadly, such elements have become integral part of the political system in the country today. Therefore, we find a situation that many rowdies and thugs are able to dictate terms and create fear in the minds of the law abiding citizens. the burglaries and paid murders are increasingly becoming common and frequent due to the collusion between the politicians and thugs. The law enforcing agencies seem to remain helpless in tackling such elements, as they have to d
erive their authority only from the government which is in control of the politicians.

With the money power and muscle power at their command and administration that has been corrupted, the politicians and the thugs are able to paralyse the society and administration at their will by indulging in violence , breaking street lights , stoning the vehicles and creating a sense of unrest. A dispassionate analysis will indicate that today the law abiding citizens are at the mercy of these sort of people, making many wonder as to whether the existing pattern of electoral process and democratic system has become counter productive in the country.

Many people seem to think that the present political leaders are really no different from dictators. It is seen that dictators in several countries also hold elections and win elections.

While this is the condition created by the politicians, the media in the country has become largely exploitative. The bitter truth is that the media has largely gone into the hands of business houses and vested interests. Principled and courageous journalists do not have any more meaningful role to play in most of the media sector. Money making has become the be all and end all of the media activity for several media groups, which can be done only by increasing viewership / readership , putting paid news and getting advertisement revenue. Therefore, the focus of the media is to sensationalise the news to the maximum extent possible , irrespective of the merit of the news. The media are all the time looking for bad news like rape , murders, illicit relationships and vituperative remarks of politicians. This is why the media is full of such news, which is at the cost of good and positive news , which are also taking place in equal measure. Such attitude of media en
courages and cultivates the climate of violence , corruption and amoral activities in the country.

Now, what is the solution ? Constant protest by right thinking people by holding meetings and writing in the print media , electronic media and through blogs are the only way that would be in tune with the democratic spirit that should govern the country. Concerned citizens who understand the gravity of the situation should actively participate in large number whenever protest meetings or discussions and debates take place and they should express their disapproval of the state of affairs at every opportunity.

This would put some sort of concern amongst the politicians and the media and they would see the compelling need to correct themselves. Peaceful and strong protests from citizens can work wonders in improving the situation.

Today, the concerned citizens largely remain as mere armchair critics and the country is paying a price for this.

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