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I recall the day two months before, when I had the opportunity to attend a seminar at the outskirt of Delhi. The hot topics, to be bothered and discussed in the gathering was: “Pollution of River Ganga & its Control and Preservation” (i.e. Ganga ka Pradushan … Ganga Bachao”).

And so, so early reached at the venue ignoring the shivering cold weather. However, it happened so, probably due to the chilly cold situations, that VIPs- honourable guests and invited respected audience reached one by one…. at last to conclude it to be ‘a late affair’!

But the topic started in somehow odd and mysterious way. It was a wonder to search the matters of the seminar’s topics in the speech of the opening orator. However, soon I and people like me could understand that the depictions by the orator, were going far away from the topics of discussion – today.

After some lapse of time we felt that the lecture was unworthy of belief and the total situations became unendurable. So, like me many lost their concentrations and naturally started feeling cold too much!... After nearly two hours, when many of the audience started putting questions before the opening – orator, some chaos resulted in. So, the organizers opened the dais for the orators, next.

Thus, some interesting newness appeared before the gathering to listen – but none could feel the subject of today’s discussions i.e. “Pollution of River Ganga & its Control and Preservation” (i.e. ‘Ganga Ka Pradushan & Ganga Bachao Abhiyan’). Yes the discussions covered by the orator – next – were not targetted to : the ‘Pollution of Ganga’ & ‘Save Ganga Exploration’.

But they were discussing on various constructed dams and barrages on River Ganga, taking those as committed disasters. These aspects caused deep meditation in many of us. We could recall that not a single of such dam or barrage exists in

River Ganga at the stretch of the plains of Rohilkhand and Gangetic Plains….. so, no question arises for inundations of cultivation lands and villages – at all – due to stored water body at upsides of dams and barrages, the terrains having flat contour. But Farakka Barrage on River Ganga, in West Bengal, has got its specific needs and importance for our country and for Bangladesh also.

During the short recess break, we discussed a lot among us – having identical ideas and faith. For the constructed dams on the hilly terrains of Uttaranchal – across the networks of the River Ganga and its enriching subsidiary rivers at sources – nothing wrong is existing to worry about. Yes, due to the constructed dams – since post independence period, so far – no village or cultivation land have gone below stored water mass in the laps of the valleys, remarkably. But against the constructed tunnel – heads, any adverse likewise comment, shall depict motive – something else.

Whatever these controversies might be, at that time we liked to render and convey our gratitude to the people and the Govt. of India, for the installation of so many dames since independence in Uttaranchal - to produce approximately 2000 M Watt clean, pollution free energy i.e. Hydro Electricity. We were so much bothered that also conveyed our best regards to the people and Govt. of Uttaranchal as they have planned to produce more than 4000 M. Watts of Hydro – Electricity at the earliest.
We were gossiping on truth outside the auditorium, when could listen the announcement for the start of the second session of the running seminars. So all of us went inside immediately and could listen : “now our orator is Shree Gopal Kishan Pal before you…..” and onwards we could listen… then more and more, as Shri Gopal was on:
Our respected President, seniors, conveners and learned audience ... with your consent I dare to produce before you my statement on the subject matters of discussions today. During the process of exchanging thoughts and ideas, difference in our opinions may step in along with unwanted mistakes covered…and so I beg apology from you in advance.

Today, on this dais, discussions – conversations – seminar has been arranged … and the topic is very much grave : “The Pollution Control of River Ganga & its Preservation!”-- having deep desire to make the flow of holy River Ganga ever clean!!

It is certainly a great effort on behalf of the respected organizer and I convey my best gratitude to you all for considering me capable to deliver my speech on this occasion… on this great dais!

For the kind information to everybody common, I state that since pre-historical era … ever perennial… ever auspicious mother River Ganga is the custodian of all ancient civilizations… and is having three enriching holy streams mainly : one the Bhagirathi, emerging out of Kamet and Bandarpunchh high mountain – glaciers, namely holy
‘GANGOTRI’ - Second, the Alaknanda, coming out of the glaciers of Badrinath and Duna Giri mountains… and the third, the Pindar Stream, emerging out of Milan glacier of Nanda Devi Mountain and Trisul mountain’s Pindar glaciers ! ….. Thus, by these three holy stream’s sangam i.e. combination, the holy River Ganga is formed flowing down south through Rishikesh and Haridwar, the two heavenly places of pilgrimages of India! ... And then flows down south-east along with parallel natural drainage basin, called Ramganga – through the historical glorious plains of Rohilkhand of Uttar Pradesh!! Yes, the ancient civilization is the ‘Gangetic Civilization’.

However, respected gentle audience, please listen: it might not be referred to Yamuna river in past era, but for mother Ganga river cordial prayers were organized many times earlier, as : “Hey Ram--teri Ganga Maily-!” … “Raksha Karo Mahadev… Har-Har Mahadev!” [i.e. ‘Oh Lord Rama – yours Ganga is nasty - !”… “Save…Save… protect – Oh Lord Shiva!!”].

So, today’s matter of discussions are never new for becoming afraid of … or becoming worried! But definitely all are the matter of shame that for the project-acts of cleaning Ganga river’s flow, till no solid plan has been truly adopted by the Governments … central and state’s !- Mother Ganga is still flowing … perennial, becoming polluted and nasty day-by-day!!

Yes, before thinking and proceeding further, sorrowful feelings are arising in my mind and soul! Yeah, certainly yes!!... My ego is full of deep distress, as if for ever separation…. yes : “Ganga aaye kahan se…Ganga jaaye kahan re!”

….. I am sure that feelings and perceptions of you all are similar! Yes, somehow the pattern may not be the same seating on the bank of Ganga at Rishikesh and Haridwar… again at Kanpur – even at Varanasi, the flowing Ganga River, the Mother, may not appear and make us so much cheerless! But I can assure you : in summer, specially in the quiet noon, please come and seat on the bank of Mother Ganga at “Garh Mukteshwar – Gajraula’ … or at ‘Allahabad / Prayay’ … or at ‘Danapur’… next at ‘Mahendru Ghat – Patna’ … or at ‘Kahelgaon / Bhagalpur – Rajmahal’ – even at ‘Farakka’, and feel the holy flow of perennial Mother Ganga !! I am sure that your entire mind-heart-soul-and body will get all such feelings, perhaps called: ‘heavenly – blessings’!! You all will weep….. shall listen someone singing somewhere near to your soul: “Ganga aaye Kahan
Se … Ganga Jaaye Kahan re --- lahrate pani me jaise dhup – chano me !!’ … [i.e. “From where Ganga is coming… to where Ganga is separating – along with the waves and ripples full of rays and shadows!!”]

Listen, we say that : purity of Ganga water is such that it never gets perished and full of worms – at rotten states in jars or elsewhere. We also take it granted that by the sprinkling of Ganga water, everything – man – woman – animal, all become sacred! … But, perhaps, these faiths are not at all justified now. The Burning World is approaching fast,hoever, days are coming soon when the Ganga water will be full of bacteria – germs – and nasty matters! … Everyone knows the causes, still in brief I state that : on date, everywhere it is a conventional fact to dispose, every moment, nasty water – waste liquids – poisonous liquids and solid into nearby drains! -- Then onwards, all these polluted materials, are flowing to merge in River Ganga … at every place of Ganga – banks always!

So? Nothing to add further : ‘Ram teri Ganga maily hoti-a-rahi hai, hoti jayegi…’, every moment pollution is growing … will be growing!!!

So, my dear friends, we all know about all these committed nuisance and facts … we know the criminals… off Industries – Homes – Institutions etc. in India ….. but keeping ‘MUM’ … no ‘SLOGAN’ … no ‘SOCIAL ACTION’!!!

Excuse me! Now I conclude … Oh! Wonderful sin indeed! The powerful : ‘labour unions – workers – neighbours -- panchayats – Administrators – Governments’ know all about the dangerous Ganga Water Pollutions ..... all the technical know how for Waste Water Treatment / Sewer Water Treatment / Septic Tank – technology / Five Years Planning … all are available in our great country … but still then all are silent onlookers and’CYPHERS’ !!!
….. But certainly the God, Lord, Parwardigar are still existing … looking into all the facts and sins to bestow ‘PUNISHMENT’ to us … yes … the actions of Burning World, thus approaching fast !!!

Article by:
Gargrishi Shantanu

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