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Without prejudice, fingers point to Rs. 50.00 Lakhs financial embezzlement by Dr. R. Tuli, Director, NBRI / CSIR

PROJECT VIJAY “Victory of India by Joint Action of Youth" is a youth oriented social organization registered under Society Act (2008-3311-2009) and has felicitated “KARAMVEER CHAKRA AWARD” have come to know a biggest financial embezzlement scandal by Dr. R. Tuli, Director, NBRI who is being relieved from CSIR/ NBRI on 07.02.2010 a date fixed cleverly to go out from NBRI on Sunday (Holiday) so as to perform several illegal transactions in holidays (Saturday & Sunday).

The details from reliable sources are as under:
Dr. R. Tuli purchased DNA synthesizer (file No. 1/23/ 2009 dated 27.09.1994) costing about Rs. 5,92,000/- and got it written off few years ago.

Dr. Tuli again purchased DNA synthesizer (file No. 1/61/98-P dated 31.03.1999) for Rs. 1795000/-. This equipment never came in NBRI stores.

Dr. R. Tuli himself signed a receiving of challan but cleverly got it issued in the name of Shri Raju Madnala, STA who is a junior assistant of Dr. R. Tuli.

Dr. R. Tuli has become the Director, NABI, Mohali and is being relieved from NBRI on 07.02.2010.

Dr. R. Tuli has been threatening several NBRI staff to declare about 50 lakhs rupees equipments as lost items and trying these to be declared as written off.

However Controller of Stores & Purchase (CoSP) officer Shri A.K. Seth was objecting to this illegal action of written off and hence he was harassed by Dr. R. Tuli to the maximum extent and as a result he has to sacrifice his life and finally he died due to brain hemorrhage a few weeks ago. He remained in coma for about a month and became almost bankrupt by spending almost all his deposits consumed in sustaining his life. Thereafter Shri K.K. Singh, Stores officer raised a demand of physical verification but in the similar fashion he was also harassed by Dr. R. Tuli and finally a false and fabricated charge sheet has been issued in his name just to harass him the matter is pending with SC/ST Commission.

Dr. R. Tuli after applying various pressure tactics has declared written off equipments of worth Rs. 40.00 lakhs without submitting old equipment as under -

Equipment File Name Date Amount
DNA synthesizer 1/23/93 27.09.1994 592000.00
*DNA synthesizer 1/61/98-P 31.03.1999 1795000.00
Deep Freezer 515500.00
Deep Freezer 510000.00
Computer 16/6/95-P 05.06.1995 133000.00
Dry collector 127700.00
Ice Breaking machine 113000.00
Crompton waterbath 32000.00
Electrophoresis 31000.00
Vacuum pump 18700.00
Digital construction monitor 15865.00
Super speed rotor 10207.00
GCI gene cooler 10000.00
Dry bath 6000.00
Power supply electrophoresis 6000.00
Electrophoresis 5000.00
Crompton heat convertor (4 nos.) 4712.00
Electrophoresis 4000.00
Electrophoresis 3700.00
Tune switch 3300.00
Pipette washer 2300.00
Submanure Electrophoresis 1540.00
Hot plate 1539.00
(*is being written off.)

A lot of missing equipments have been transferred on paper in the name of Dr. P.K. Singh, Scientist (it can be checked from the records of stores) in last few days and Dr. Tuli has assured that he will manage write off of these equipments by new Director.

CoSP wrote several representations to DG, CSIR but no cognizance was taken by DG, CSIR and he has been giving full shelter to Dr. R. Tuli to do every kind of corruption and harassment and has not taken action in any of the complaint against Dr. R. Tuli during last 3 years.

Dr. R. Tuli has made a committee of Dr. A.K. Sharma, Dr. Sharad Srivastava, Dr. R.S. Katiyar, Mr. S.K. Mishra, FAO, COA and CoSP to declare all these items written off. The meeting met on 30.09.09 but committee did not agree to declare equipment of Rs. 18.00 lakh to be declared as written off.

He has finally became successful in pressurizing the committee to declared several equipments written off on 02.02.2010.

Attempts were made in the private market in night of 2.2.2010 to purchase certain old equipments so as to replace and show the equipments for the sake of completing formality of stores and for this all relevant officials are being pressurized to accept these old equipments and show its receipt. Store Officer is being pressurized to receive old material (bought from market on 2.2.2010) to accept as receipt in Store records.

Dr. Tuli is still threatening several staff of NBRI to declare the items issued in his name as written off by 04.02.2009 before he leaves NBRI. We therefore request a thorough CBI investigation should be done on this financial embezzlement by Dr. R. Tuli immediately before evidences are destroyed.

A set of specific complaints was sent to various investigating department of Government in September 2009 but no action has been done by DG, CSIR and therefore this has been gone upto this stage. It is also essential to hold a detailed inquiry of total loss and write off done during last 4 years 1.2.2006 to 5.2.2010, then the magnitude of corruption will be many folds as has been informed from reliable sources.

This is a clear cut example of financial embezzlement by Dr. R. Tuli who is a tainted Director. It is requested that Dr. R. Tuli should be suspended immediately and his entry in NBRI should be banned and a thorough CBI investigation is to be done in the absence of Dr. R. Tuli in this matter.

Complaint has already been filled to the concerned investigating department of Government as well as the Ministry of Science & Technology.

Report by:
Mahendra Pratap Singh

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