Monday, March 22, 2010

Government of India continuous its policy of neglect towards Senior Citizens

Silver Inning Foundation has been writing to the ministry for more than month now for more clarification on new Review Committee fro NPOP(National Poicy of Older Person) and have also filed and RTI. But it’s sad a National ministry is not bothered. They dont even reply to email - no time I suppose.

MOSJE (Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment) is continuing is neglected to Senior Citizens of Indian and major organization. For the 11 years they just sat on NPOP and did nothing. Sr.Ctz. Maintenance Bill 2007 bill will go same way as many state have either not adopted/implemented/not understood.

NPOP was supposed to be best policy in the world. Yes now in 2010 there are some changes required, especially for young old, old old and very old. But WHY NPOP is not yet adopted and not implemented.

What was the HURRY to appoint only 3/4 member committee for 90 million people, they have purposely ignored many important organization, gerontologist, geriatrics. The process was not transparent. They have not consulted The Parliamentary standing committee & The National council for Older Person ignored. They have not asked the views of common man though newspaper and website.

For 19th March meeting they did sent invite on 15th March and also not send Invite to many people listed in the list of invites. Invite not sent to following – its insult to people like Prop.Ramamurthi and Prof Siva Raju:

Prof Siva Raju
Tina Ambani
Sailesh Mishra

In the list of Expert Invited some important people are omitted:
Dr.Jacob Roy
Dr. Radha Murthy
Dr. Abha Choudhary
Mr.Sugan Bhatia
Prof. Indira Jai Prakash

We once again insist and demand expansion of Review committee and a action plan. We should not in any way hurry to make a National policy again and not implement it for again next 14 years.

Firsts lets find out the gaps in policy, why it was not adopted, why it was not implemented, why no other intra ministry supports or is not aware of NPOP and what are the difficulties of the states.

Also its seen MOSJE is not capable of handling this EXTRA load of ‘ Senior Citizens’ , the dept handling Ageing is loaded with number of ‘important work’ and Seniors are just not in the radar. MOSJE has been neglecting and abusing our elderly for long. Proposal sanctioned under ‘ Integrated Programme for older Person’ are in trouble as its learnt MOSJE has now canceled all earlier sanction.

It’s enough. We need to have Separate Ministry or State minister or National Commission (online of Women commission and many others).

Let’s not fall in trap of MOSJE policy of Divide & Rule, ministry is just playing with the sentiments and life of our elderly. There is 100% lack of political will and social commitment for elderly, as elderly don’t form ‘their’ VOTE bank.

Let’s UNITE and fight for the right of Elderly. Let’s set aside our personal agenda and work together for welfare of our elderly.

Why not we as civil society make a policy and give to government, why not first implement the original policy with some changes.

Why not have a National and State Forums of people working with Elderly.

Do we have to depend on Government? Can’t we have united programmes , action plan.

Let’s lobby and do advocacy for the welfare of our Senior Citizens. Let’s bring justice to our Elderly.

Can all organization write a letter to 700 MP’S in India, lets flood them. Lets write to UN and WHO about India government attitude and policy of neglect towards elderly.

Government of India has fooled UN Assembly about its statement on Ageing and it dares all UN body and Senior Citizens towards its policy of neglect and abuse of Senior Citizens.

Let’s not ignored important organization and departments:

Some of Important NGO's /Organization which have been ignored from Review Committee are:
AISCCON - All India Senior Citizens Confederation
Association of Gerontology (India) (AGI)
Society for Serving Seniors
Alzheimer's and Related Disorder Society of India (ARDSI)
Harmony For Silvers Foundation
International Longevity Center - India ( ILC-I)
Nightingale Medical Trust
Silver Inning Foundation
Center for Research on Ageing, Dept of Psychology, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati
The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse , India (INPEA)
Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health (IAGMH)
University of Third Age , U3A India
The All India Central Government Pensioners Association
Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj
All India Central Confederation of Pensioner Association
Agewell Foundation
Anugraha India
Indian Academy of Geriatrics
Development, Welfare and Research Foundation (DWRF)
Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health (IAGMH)
The Family Welfare Agency
All India State Government Social Welfare Dept / Senior Citizens Dept
S & T ministry

Some Professional Organisation ignored like:
Indian Medical Association (IMA)
Financial expert
Legal expert
Nursing Council
Indian Council of Social Science Research
TISS (Tata Institute of Social Science)
Medical Council of India
Indian Medical Association
Important Universities

Its shame that since last 11 years MOSJE does not knows about this important organization or they just behave ignorance, we can provide contact details of all the above if they require.

Article By and Source:
Sailesh Mishra
Founder President - Silver Inning Foundation

Founder – ARDSI Greater Mumbai Chapter

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