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European and western writers have often made a heinous effort to tarnish the image of Islam by expressing something contemptible & negative views & reviews about Islam, particularly in context of women education and their rights in society. They opine that Islam suppresses the rights of women not allowing women to be progressive in modern societies on educational ground. Is it right? In this article, I would like to express the facts of Islam how it has brought the women-society to the level of progress through education. For finding out the facts over this issue, we will have to observe the situations before the advent of the last prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh).

The last apostle of Islam was born in 571 A.D. and before his period, the women were neglected, ignored, not allowed to make life-styles like men, and at some places women were cremated alive to death. In Arab, people hated females so much that if a baby-girl was born to them, she was buried alive in fear of expenses. There was no room for a girl to be paralleled with men on the earth.

But thanks to the most merciful, the most kind God who purified His religion Islam with final attachment by revealing His book, the Glorious Quran to the last messenger Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh), for the guidance of Mankind. The world-historians have written that before the advent of the prophet, the world, particularly the Arab world was mingled with dusts of darkness and the situations of women were disordered. What to say about education, the women were also tortured in other fields and they were not compared positively like the men in that period. But then in the glow of Islam, natural realities came to light, and the people separating women from their real rights started understanding the values of girls & women in their societies.

Islam gives equal rights to women like men for passing happy or progressive lives on the earth. It also emphasizes the education of girls positively on equal grounds like boys. And not only this much, Islam also blesses the guardians who have baby-girls in their homes. If a guardian of three daughters nourishes his daughters in a perfect way providing them value based educations under Islamic canopy, Allah will enter him into paradise on the day of resurrection.

Today women / girls find themselves free to make better progress for better career, and from east to west we find girls achieving education participating in positively progressive activities like boys, but for all such progressive aptitudes, the credit goes to Islam only. Western societies have also derived some relevant progressive ideology from Islam but have not taken in full because of which western culture finds itself unsuccessful in giving security to the women or the girls going to universities. In other words, if Islamic culture is followed well, there will be security for women lives. For instance, Islam opposes nakedness; narrow uniforms for women, sexuality or doing evils with opposite sexes etc.
but whether you believe or not, today unfortunately these contemptible evils appear in western culture because of not following the principles of Islam in full.

In a nut shell, Islam provides full freedom to women with safety, which is not observed in other cultures than Islam. Today why numerous women swimming in oceans of other cultures are embracing Islam? The answer is that they find their full safety in Islamic customs. They decorate the ornaments of chastity in a secured way with Islamic values. Some times such news appears that a girl is allegedly raped while going to college, but you can’t hear such news about a woman being protected under Islamic canopy. Islam instructs women to achieve the goals along with value based education but under the perspective what Islam selects for them. In Arab world as well as other places where girls or women follow Islamic ideology, the society becomes healthy and people save themselves from the evils which we find in other societies than Islam. The girls/or women going to colleges or universities keep their chastity safe feeling satisfaction in veils and the men observing respected women in Islamic clad regard them with respective eyes.

However in my opinion, if Islam protects women societies encouraging them to come to the verge of success, it would not be recalled as a new thing because it carries out the laws of nature. Its purpose is to guide men and women towards realities, and the reality is that the women are equal to men and a valuable asset for human-life.

Without a woman the life of a man is incomplete and without a man the life of a woman is incomplete. Islam never discards a woman; she has got the equal right what her opposite sex (a man) has got from the chamber of the world creator, Allah.
In brief, Islam emphasizes: an equal status quo of a woman//girl like a man//boy.

Today, if our western countries like France, America and United Kingdom wish a better and safer atmosphere for women or the girls going to universities, they should take guidance from the Islamic culture which the book of Allah, the Glorious Quran has revealed for healthy society. And if it is not done accordingly, it will mean such mentioned countries are having cruel attitudes towards their women. They do not wish their country-women to be progressive in their lives, and they want to pollute human societies by selling their women/girls to markets’ corrupted people. In brief, the people allowing their women/daughters to be naked in the society can never be the friends of female-community, and this is why they oppose Islam because Islam is only the religion that fights sincerely for the actual rights of a woman or a girl breathing on the earth.

Article By:
Tariq Sohrab Ghazipuri
Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar,
New Delhi- 110025.

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