Saturday, April 17, 2010

Caution in accepting GMO products

The pressure is on to have India accept and promote Genetically Modified Organisms or GM plants and foods. The recurring theme of various reports, across the world in this regard is inconclusive on the long term benefits of GMO.

One thing is clear, these new inter-species gene-spliced products would need large amounts of resources to sustain their 'gains' after some time. In most of the world today: processes needing 'large water, power, pesticides and chemical fertilizers' are frowned upon. This understanding has come some 40 years after our First Green Revolution when intra-species cross-bred products were used. The new GM products are under use for less than 15 years today and already serious cracks in their acceptance is found in Euroland and USA.

Caution is the only key when we deal with a billion plus citizens, most of who will never be well-informed to make a meaningful choice, if such is left by the creators of GM-foods. Is this rush to adopt GM foods politically, economically, technologically viable? Must we again suffer alien domination? The second green revolution must come from

Please read the attached pdf file for two important reports in our local newspapers in this regard. Register your protest and ask for decades long testing and evaluation by third party with citizen oversight. Kindly inform well wishers too.

Report by:
Praful Vora,
Convener - JNM
JNM will work towards fundamental political, electoral and governance reforms.

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