Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chargesheeted for singing National Anthem, ten activists plan nationwide protest

By: Chetan R, Place: Mumbai

What began as a tiff between the state chief information commissioner and a group of 10 Right to Information (RTI) activists could now snowball into a nation-wide protest. The 10 activists had sung the national anthem during a visit to the RTI commissioner's office in May 2008.

'Penalise officials'

This was to highlight their demand to implement the RTI Act which penalises officials failing to furnish information in time. The activists were subsequently chargesheeted.

The activists have decided to start a nationwide Jana Gana Mana campaign in protest. "We've been framed for the wrong reasons," said Krishna Raj Rao, one of the activists who has been chargesheeted. "We want to know if singing the national anthem is wrong?"

Chargesheet Delay

"We got a copy of the chargesheet only on April 30, 2010," said Rao. "Besides the other wrong charges, we have been charged for singing the national anthem!"

"We have RTI forums across the nation and this will be discussed and debated all over," said Rao. "It will also be argued in court."

The Other Side

Senior Secretary, State Information Commissioner, Kalpana Gawas stood by her complaint, which had served as the basis for the activists' chargesheeting. "They had disturbed the proceedings by forcefully entering and singing the national anthem. This is wrong," Gawas said.


Or download press-clipping from http://www.box.net/shared/s93cq5zt0z

FRIENDLY NOTE: There is a lot of masala-reporting here – pretty much over-the-top, and quite a few inaccuracies. But I’m not complaining ;-)

Krishnaraj Rao

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  1. From: siddharth murarka

    Its a shame that in this nation the wrong doers are protected legally and the truth is buried by the screw driver of law. The more we keep quiet the more atrocities. The sympathisers also are threatened as was threatened by the home minister for maoist but no remedy is suggested for getting things right. No one sees how the SCIC has not acted for justice and PIO are encouraged to block the RTI... and the saddest part is that it starts from the top.. where even judiciary sits on RTI..

    It is clear that politians to bureaucrats, police to judiciary, govt. to press have all failed and we are heading for a civil war.. the more it is delayed the more devastating it will be.. I would only suggest that time has some that all unite and put in the same effort as we did in QUIT India MOVEMENT.. a war without arms and with ammunations of satyagrah and fast, of determination and selfless giving to nation..

    The concept of MISSION JUSTICE is similar where we ask complete justice which means liberty, equality and fraternity.. where we are same irrespective of caste class and creed... where we dont have bribe each hand for each small work.. where we dont have to say the religion and class in each form.. where we do not have to wait for years to get justice and wrong doers dont enjoy fruits of illwills and misdeeds.. where a child will not be victim of society or law...where each injustice will be met with social non acceptance and that will be possible on with MISSION TO JUSTICE in mind...

    I am deeply moved by the way my brother activist are treated and I can just say one thing.. that if we all decide to stage a protest next week.. in public.. asking just one thing.. restore justice.. remove the ineffective, incapable and unjust then things will move...

    looking forward to a peaceful world

    siddharth murarka


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