Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We have created a history of sort by promoting Justice Anil Dave to Supreme Court of India. His was the shortest tenure as the CJ of Bombay High Court and I am thinking of recommending this feat to the Limca Book of Records !!! :)

Mr. Dave was appointed on the probe panel in his capacity as the CJ of BHC and the fact that he is Chartered Accountant. So, where was the need to promote him to SCI in such great hurry? Is this another tactic of buying time to shield the corrupt? It looks like since you have still not appointed a replacement for Justice Dave

There is also objection to the appointment of Jurist P.P.Rao as one of the members of the Probe Panel (see my email January 19, 2010 below). If Mr. Rao does not recuse himself, he should be removed to keep the probe transparent. Otherwise, we know how things are manipulated in our country.

The present probe panel has become a problem panel. For probity in public life and transparency, we hereby suggest that you reconstitute the said probe panel against Dinakaran, immediately. I offer myself as one of the members in my capacity as the President of Litigants Welfare Forum, President of AILWA (30 years old NGO of whistleblowers). I have also represented many u/s 32 of the Advocates Act, written 40 books and travelled through 63 countries and seen how courts function abroad. As Special Executive Magistrate, for 18 years, in Mumbai, I also know how to investigate, prepare reports which will stand the scrutiny of law, etc. And above all, I work with conscience.

I am offering my services to the nation, not to get publicity and perks of office, but to expedite this inquiry in record time.

Therefore, Mr. Vice President please act with conscience and in timely manner. I am also mailing to you a copy of this letter by Registered Post because it is my experience that the Govt. depts. delete the sensitive emails, thereby defeating the very purpose of faster communication and timely intervention.

As one who is occupying an important constitutional position, it is your bounden duty, Mr. Vice President and Chairman of Rajya Sabha, to curb corrupt practices and we hope you would do it with alacrity and conscience. Otherwise, all those slogans of zero tolerance to corruption etc. Make no sense.

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Dr. Leo Rebello
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