Saturday, May 22, 2010


There are thousands of religions, Sects. Cults etc in the present world. The people should understand that a person has three vital elements i.e. BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT (SOUL).

The Body requires air (Oxygen) for life, then water, food, shelter and cloth. But the MIND requires various things of this world and the MIND has got varied faculties too. We should know the reality and truth that there is an opposite Evil Power which works through the Mind of each and every person to commit sins and bring NEGATIVE THOUGHTS to commit sins against one's own life which ultimately affects the smooth life of society.

There is presence of sins and power of sins in the body of every human person. That is why even if one wants to commit good things but practically that ends in sinful activities. Through the MIND, Reasoning and faculty of intelligence one can understand the existence of AN ALMIGHTY GOD but cannot fully understand UNLESS such person is influenced through the SPIRIT (SOUL) through which the ALMIGHTY GOD works.

For example, one person can get some sort of happiness by seeing films and drinking hard alcohol, but the happiness will be temporary. Thereby, nothing in the world, whether wealth, money, beauty, pleasures of this world, power, gold or silver can offer the REAL JOY, PEACE AND HAPPINESS unless the same comes to a person as a gift from ALMIGHTY GOD Who works through our SPIRIT (SOUL). Practically, a person who is influenced and directed through his SPIRIT by ALMIGHTY GOD, cannot be brainwashed by some ideology and cannot contemplate in his life to commit any criminal deed where such person will show the real LOVE given by the ALMIGHTY GOD towards suffering class without expecting anything from others. Such persons will not commit any illegal act either in their private or public lives. Such people observe the laws of Land (their country), will honour the Natural Laws of God and also the Spiritual guidelines that are available in their respective HOLY SCRIPTURES. Of course, there will be various revelations from ALMIGHTY GOD from time to time to lead them UNTO ETERNAL SALVATION. I do believe that THE ALMIGHTY GOD LOVES ALL THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD EQUALLY and He will certainly disclose the deeper truth and reality when any person will call on Him through prayer with a sincere heart. Such persons who receive His guidelines from time to time,will never resort to any illegal or criminal activities whereas they will love others and also help others in their sufferings.

Therefore, I pray to ALMIGHTY GOD to influence all people of this world to know the deeper truth through their SOULS (SPIRIT) in order to love and assist others especially the rejected, depressed class in the society, irrespective of CAST, CREED, COLOUR AND GENDER.

Further there are thousands of religious denominations, cults and other spiritual groups which teach good spiritual and moral values in order to attain eternal life. I, after careful study of all religions and their founders, came to the conclusion that among all founders LORD JESUS CHRIST STANDS as an excellent person for His high spiritual life and teachings to attain eternal salvation. Although I respect all such founders but none of them can be compared with the Holy Life of Lord Jesus Christ. His Birth, Teachings, High excellent moral life. death on the Cross of Calvary, Resurrection and His second coming back are unique in the pages of present history of human life. As He preached high spiritual and moral values, He lived accordingly to the last moment of His life in this world. His teachings still give spiritual and moral transformation to millions in the world and He still heals thousands of people from their dreaded diseases. Thus, LORD JESUS CHRIST IS THE UNIQUE PERSON IN THE PAGES OF THIS PRESENT HISTORY.

I myself went to see the original locations in Israel where Lord Jesus Christ lived 2000 years back. After coming to this glorious faith, Lord Jesus healed my weaker valves of heart and for the last 30 years I live without taking any medicine as His Word of God says that He forgives all sins and heals all diseases (Psalm:103:3). He is still living and answering all genuine prayers and doing wonders and signs to prove His Divinity. Further it is so wonderful to note that all people in the world recognise officially the Christian calender based upon the birth, life, death and resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, ie. A.D (Anno Domini - In the year of the Lord).The whole present history is based upon B.C (Before Christ) and A.D.

May the Almighty God bless all those who read this message to find out the ultimate truth. Lord Jesus Christ Himself told that i am THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. This ULTIMATE TRUTH may deliver you from the clutches of sins and evil forces and provide you with peace, joy and happiness and eternal salvation too.

Article by:
Dr Thomas Mathai
New Bombay