Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Other action tools available to RTI activists

Sometimes, we start thinking that RTI is the only tool available to activist citizens. Then we start speaking of ourselves as “RTI activists”, as if RTI is the only thing that matters to us. We forget our larger objective i.e. improving the quality of governance and administration. We become over-focused on uncovering information, getting hearings, winning / losing appeals and cribbing about Information Commissioners.

Such tunnel-vision happens to everybody – including myself -- because the process of RTI application and appeals are so intensely discussed on various forums. There is a relative absence of thought and discussion on other tools available to public-spirited citizens.

Please remember RTI IS ONLY ONE OF THE MANY POTENT TOOLS for demanding implementation of laws or rules, for challenging established ways of doing things, for unleashing societal forces for change, for altering administration’s perception and behavior on issues etc. etc.

What are these tools? Download this document:

Article by:
Krishnaraj Rao

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