Friday, December 03, 2010

Babus failing the citizens of India

Today, Fri 03rd Dec 2010 leading newspapers have a report on the 'so called action' proposed to be taken against some dozen Babus (IAS, IPS, IFS) of Maha-rashtra. It seems a 'notice' is to be issued and the concerned officers are to respond on 'source of funds', 'failure to inform on controversial actions' of obtaining flats / immovable property, in names of family members - close or distant. After one full month, this is the outcome - proposed action. I could write the responses without any sweat, even before the 'notices' are sent. This is a joke!

The shocking behavior of the 'tainted' Babus is contrary to their service rules. Remember they are public servants. If the coalition-Govt in Maha will not take action with 'extreme prejudice' ... its a month now and sending notices is not action, its procrastination ... the job of the Governor is to call each of the 'tainted officers' and demand their resignations or fire them on the spot. They have behaved contrary to public expectations (of prudence and integrity) and deserve to be criminally proceeded against ... any business, office or family head at home, would do so. Let them rot in the Courts (to get a feel of what the citizens have been used to for decades). Their families who benefited, must be humiliated and these Babus, should lose their pensions and be marked 'unemployable'. Is this not what happens to employees who are caught with their 'hand in the till'? I expect Maha- to take the lead for other states in India to act similarly.

All along for the past fifteen years, Activism has taken root in the major urban areas to address the 'bad governance' plaguing India and preventing its normal growth. First, the junior officers were coerced, then the courts were filled with PILs, then the Politicos were targeted, even elections were fought to get to the seat of power - so that meaningful outcome could be got. None seems to deliver the expected results because we all know the 'system' is bent to prevent delivery of expectations of the citizens.

It is again clear that all along, some of the Babus and their cohorts have been manipulation not only the system of governance but also the politicos and businesses, so that they remain in control and can keep destroying the institutions. For the past three years at least, many Babus have been analysed to have been working contrary to the interests of the citizens, but this was attributed to the 'system'. The month of November has been filled with core issues which all point to 'system and babus'. None of the serious scams could occur without the oversight of the Babus who should have refused to participate in them. That is their job! Now Activists must not fail to target these very persons who have tried to remain anonymous and have worked to wreck every progress that the citizens desire and have a right to.

I have reports attributed to some retired babus, which confirm that a large section of the Maha- babudom is lost to self-development and not state or citizen development. It is my firm belief that if key rascals are treated with 'extreme prejudice', the rest will soon become citizen centric and Maha- and India as a whole will see positive results. The rusted steel frame of India needs to be rebuilt urgently and its only the 'citizens', who own the nation, can do so. More important, our ancient culture demands it. Let us work to have a better life for ourselves and our generations to come. The greatest innovations and solutions have throughout history always come from 'concerned citizens' and private groups ... never by waiting for government to take corrective actions. ACT NOW.

Get ready for the mother of all battles. The earlier 'tough battles' will seem to have been a walk in the park. Please share this with your well wishers and think deeply about your comments ... which are welcome.


Praful Vora

Convener - JNM. (Cell: +91 90 0401 7654)

JNM will work towards fundamental political, electoral and governance reforms.


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