Friday, January 07, 2011

Dr. Binayak - Protest in Kolkata

The undersigned from different oragniasatiosn and individuals made a protest before the only official unit for Chattsigarh state; that was a tourist information center and having an information officer for the same on 31st December 2010. We assembled in front of their office (AE-324, Salt Lake City, Sector- 1, Kolkata- 700064) and made public orations, put visual displays and sang relevant songs. There after, a team from undersigned organizations met the officer in duty and handed over the following memoranda to him for pursue the same to the Governor of Chhatisgarh.

All the participating organizations univocally challenged the judicial verdict against Dr. Binayak Sen in particular and Mr. Narayan Sannyal and Mr. Pijush Guha with references. (Memorandum is attached at the end)

MASUM, DISHA, IJSLEU, Ganaudyog, FAMA, SGMREDO, Ebang Anya Barta, and others.



West Bengal


To Honourable Governor, Chhattisgarh

Honourable Sir

Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha (MASUM) & Indo- Japan Steels Limited Employees Union strongly condemn the judicial verdict of rigorous life imprisonment against Dr. Binayak Sen. Dr. Sen an eminent human rights defender with international repute and also a medical professional with equal standings.

The horrifying verdict of life imprisonment for Dr Binayak Sen, accused of unimaginable crimes such as treason and sedition, has come as a real shame in the continuity of injustices often occurring in your state. Civil society movements have been challenged in your state by attacking the basics of Indian Constitution and fundamental freedoms by enacting draconian laws to throttle the tenets of democracy.

Dr. Binayak Sen a true deliverer, always stands for underprivileged sections of Chattisgarh, providing medical support to the poorest of the poor aborigines in your state; it was no way a deserving ‘reward’ for his unflinching commitment for marginalized section of the society and establishment of democratic practices with larger perspectives. Human Rights Groups and individuals of this country and from abroad condemned this injudicious act of judiciary, where the judge himself parroted the police version without verifying its contents and the judgment itself a valediction of impartiality of judiciary in your state. Binayak's conviction challenged the judiciary and its related components, such as, investigation, prosecution and justice delivery system in Chattisgarh. From every nook and corners of civil society and power corridors across India, this is a judgment which is seen to be clearly destroying the last edifices of the public perception of the independent nature of Indian justice system. In a larger contextual situation prevailing in Chattisgarh, we demand immediate release of Dr. Binayak Sen, all charges against him should be withdrawn, immediate repeal of Chattisgarh Special Public Security Act, banning and unarming the ill- repute ‘Salwa Judum’ in your state and adequate compensation for restoration of Dr. Binayak Sen’s and his family’s integration and reputation.

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