Wednesday, May 04, 2011


I happened to visit various places in Arabian Peninsula and found the Arabs more cooperative to the Muslims living in India. Probably such things based on sincere cooperation for Indian Muslims occur under the feelings of fraternity in the light of Sunnah. But now I would like to inform our Arab brothers that the monitory conditions of our Indian Muslims have changed, and the Muslims spreading hands before Saudis or Arab brothers for alms in the name of community-up gradations are now not the same as it was before. Some of the Ulema who are found professional in collecting subscriptions in abroad are going up the line of prosperity. Through this write-up, it is to inform that now the Muslims living in India are also having more facilities on behalf of Indian Government, so, if at this juncture some of Indian Muslims’ organizations are found busy in befooling hospitable Arab brothers for begging money in the name of Muslims’ poverty in India, it would obviously mean a kind of fraud on their selfish grounds. India has been a democratic form of government since 1947, and here in Indian constitution, the rights are equal for both Hindus and Muslims. It has been thoroughly observed that because of the professional habits of begging alms from Arab world in the name of Muslims’ progress in India, our such Muslim religious leaders depending upon the petro dollar of Arabs have not done any constructive work for Indian Muslims since the dawn of independence. With a grave contemplation, I think it better to say that our Arab brothers’ sympathy for Indian Muslims has its negative impact on the growth of Islam in India. Islam reforms the society with the feelings of human fraternity but these things are not observed in practical lives of such money minded Ulema who collect money in abroad for improving the conditions of the poor Muslims living in India.

I am not appealing to our Arab brothers to kick all out of their circle but at least there should be investigation where the money being brought by such persons is being spent in India. This process will be rewarding and fruitful. They should know India has been the land of various cultures and all the cultures are attached to one another. Our non Muslim brothers have always positive feelings for Arabs in their minds since long. Here in India, the misguided Muslims, who merely think of minting money, hate the Muslims having no money. If our Arab brothers stop giving co-operations to high profiled Muslims of India except Dr. Zakir Naik, the discrimination will come to an end and every thing will be in order, no hatred, no confrontation between Muslims and Muslims in India.

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