Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Government of India's control on Freedom of Speech through Internet under New Rules

Government of India MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (Department of Information Technology) has issued Internet Control Rules to control Free Speech througfh Internet. The detailed Rule, issued quietly on 11th April 2011 can be read in the following link.

The two Articles published in this connection can be read in the following links.

For sure this is to curtail Freedom of Speech through Internet and Mobile. Alongwith ongoing exercise of tapping thousands of telephonic conversations the Govt is shamelessly limiting the democratic space by increasing its control.

Please beware of this anti-democratic move and raise opposing voices.


Dr. V. N. Sharma

Member, Secretariat, All India Forum for Right to Education (AIF-RTE)
Working Committee Member, Jan Sansad

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