Friday, June 10, 2011


It is pathetic to see the students from lower income group running from pillar to post to pay the school fees and spend money for purchase of uniforms, notebooks etc.

While the education in private schools have become beyond the reach of the poor students due to the exhorbitant fees demanded by private schools with no government control, the poor students find it difficult even to meet the expenses of studying in government owned and aided schools.

What causes concern is that even in the government aided schools, arbitrary fees are demanded in cash for which proper receipts are not given. Not only collection of such fees is against the directives of the government but collecting fees in cash leads to generation of black money.

Under the circumstances, I appeal to the Government of Tamil Nadu to provide the following directives immediately.

1. No schools whether government owned or government aided or private schools should demand any type of payment by cash. Payment should be received by them only in the form of cheque.

2. The schools should not insist that the students should buy the notebooks and uniform from the schools only or any particular shops stipulated by the schools. The students should have the freedom to buy the school uniforms and notebooks from anywhere they want.

3. The government should open a complaint cell immediately to receive complaints about excessive fees collection from the students and their parents. Since many of the students are scared to complain, the government should encourage sending of complaints even without address details of the sender. The government can certainly make discreet enquiries and initiate corrective action.


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