Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dr Udit Raj urged Anna Hazare to support Bahujan Lok Pal Bill

New Delhi, 15th October, 2011.

National President, Indian Justice Party

Today, a National Seminar was organized by All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations and other like minded organizations in Speaker Hall, Constitution Club, New Delhi. This was participated by Dr. Udit Raj, D. Raja, Swami Agnivesh,Mast Ram Kapur, Ibrahim Qureshi, M.S. Scaria, Brij Bhushan Tiwari, Prof. Ravivarma Kumar, Shajia Ilmi, Sharad Yadav, Raghu Thakur, M. R. Gyasi etc. The main theme of the seminar was to have discussion on all versions of the Lok Pal Bill and find out practical solution of this vexed problem. This seminar was mainly organized by the platform of Bahujan Lok Pal Bill.

 Dr. Udit Raj, National Chairman of All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations  said that even if Jan Lok Pal Bill is passed in the current shape, there is no guarantee that it will be effective in weeding out corruption.  There are more than 1450 laws in the country and most of them are not successful. There are certain demands in the Jan Lok Pal Bill which are detrimental to the Constitution and in such a situation, instead of weeding out corruption we may land up in other complications. We stand for a strong Lok Pal but that should be within the ambit of the Constitution and have practicality. According to the demands of Jan Lok Pal Bill, all three organs of the Govt., namely, executive, judiciary and legislature should report to the Lok Pal and in that situation fine and delicate balance in the Constitution will be disturbed. The famous saying, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is to be kept in mind while passing the law. Members of the Parliament are elected by about 15 lacs people, this is a very strong deterrent and yet most of them are prone to corruption. Honesty and dishonesty are determined when a person is in the position to become corrupt. As on date, the country is contemplating about Lok Pal and real position will come out only when law is made and Lok Pal Committee starts functioning. Whatever transparency is taken into account in selecting the Lok Pal, possibilities of being corrupt can not be ruled out and thus there should be reasonable enough power with it and absolute and unaccountable  power should be avoided. Our Constitution embodies fine and delicate balance between executive, legislature and judiciary and these should be preserved.

 Dr. Udit Raj spoke in the seminar that the Bahujan Lok Pal was needed because other bills do not talk about social justice. Without reservation for dalits, tribals, OBCs and minorities in the Lok Pal committee as it is in govt. jobs, the law itself will fail and the reason is that support of each major section of the society is not taken care of. We want that each section of the society should fully support a strong Lok Pal Bill so that objectives to fight corruption are achieved. Dr. Udit Raj urged Anna Hazare and his team people to support the demand of Bahujan Lok Pal Bill and it will be in their interests also. Even after passing the Lok Pal Bill, if it is not implemented then the efforts of Anna team will be drained out. .

 NGOs and Corporate houses should be also brought under the ambit of Lok Pal. In any situation, the tenure of Lok Pal should not be more than three years. Enormous funds are dispersed through special component and sub-tribal plans for the development of Dalits and tribals but there is huge corruption, diversion and un-utilization  thereof and such acts should be also treated as corruption and be brought within the ambit of Lok Pal.

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