Monday, May 10, 2010

Naxals again display their cowardice act: it’s neither a social or political intention rather economic.


The Nange Paon Satyagrha strongly condemns cowardice act of naxals in which they blew up one CRPF van on 8th May, 2010. The Nange Paon Satyagrah is a social campaign against all those traditions, customs, policies and practices which give rise to inequality, promote injustice and hinder liberty. Nange Paon (barefoot) is symbol of social rejection, political exploitation and economic disparities which the poor and powerless ones are subjected to. Like other phenomena, the conflict between the naxlites and the state also worsened the situations of the poor in Chhattisgarh; they became accessible targets & active participants of both the conflicting parties. Their basic human rights of peace and dignity are on cross roads. If a quick glance at the profiles of deceased ones in naxal violence is made, we shall find them from low socio-economic profile, irrespective of their loyalties. In any encounter or armed conflict poor triggers at poor.

D.G.P. Vishwaranjan in his letter to Police personnel & intellectuals of Chhattisgarh rightly pointed out “that fight of the insurgents is against constitution, democracy & people of the Indian state”. It is noteworthy that Vishwaranjan has gone through 10,000 naxal documents in his life. He has deep knowledge about naxals & their tactis. In his interviews he always points out that the naxals are fighting only for money, they never blow up vehicles of business – companies rather they target vehicles of police, CRPF & security forces. His interviews make it apparently clear that “money is the lifeline of insurgency” and “economics, not politics or ideology is the engine of armed struggle which the Maoists have adhered to”. Maoists take donations from the same corporates whom they claim to fight.

They have betrayed Mao – Zedong now
Mao – Zedong said “Power flows through the barrel of the gun”. The Chhattisgarhiya Maoists have betrayed this popular version of Mao. Here the power has started flowing from money & other vested interests and gun is going to fail. By killing and targeting the CRPF/ Police personnel they can not claim to have eliminated any “class enemy.” Now they have befriended class – enemy.

Article by:
Rajesh Singh Sisodia
Pledged to remain bare – foot until human rights are totally exercised.

Nange Paon Satyagraha, Vivekanand Nagar, M.G.Road – Ambikapur (C.G.)