Friday, June 03, 2011

Why do I support Baba Ramdev’s corruption and black money movement while NGO & metro intellectuals are criticising it?

I am writing a controversial article but each of us has freedom of expression. I never praised still do not praise Baba Ramdev as a Yogi. In my views he is a businessperson. He is a herbal and traditional doctor who uses Aryurveda, Physical Exercises and Yog postures for curing his clients. He is paid for his services. He earned lots of money using alternative methods for medical treatments.

I see him in two different personalities.
As a successful industrialist and as a seeker for system transformation with honest intentions.

There are many industrialists, businesspersons, religious and spiritual Guru (s) in India but who makes efforts for the socio-politico-changes? Who wants to risk own securities and stakes?

It is very good sign if corporate sector creates a grassroots movement for larger public interests. Did Baba Ramdev ever force to governments to change their public welfare policies for his business profits as usually corporate sector does?

Why do we blindly trust NGOs and people of social-corporate? Are they honest? Do they not misuse public money? Do they not misuse public trusts and faiths? Do they not manipulate truths?

Baba Ramdev does not use NGO-funding-based-activism, internet-activism, metro-activism to make a show. He spent few years mobilizing common people for corruption and black money issues travelling villages to villages. He has been using his platforms/assets raising these issues; the intensity of his voice increased with the time and with the mass of his followers.

I personally know many ground activists and farmers who are supporting Baba Ramdev’s movement even though they did not receive advertising sms, email and phone calls to support the movement.

NGO & metro intellectuals are criticising and defaming Baba Ramdev’s movement. However, I would like to say that this movement has roots in the ground and Indian society should start to think seriously to say good-bye to NGO-sponsored-movements. These sponsored movements are very dangerous for society even they look beautiful.

Baba Ramdev has been demanding for return of black money and now he is in mass action putting own stakes in the risk. He is not a NGO activist that he gets funds or awards for human rights or raising issues. He has money, glamour and millions of followers. He is raising these issues for public interests and he generated these issues from the actual ground of common India. He has been mobilizing mind-set of Indian people.

There is no wrong, if an industrialist generates a mass movement for larger public interests putting personal stakes in the risk.

Expressed by:
Vivek Umrao Glendenning MCIJ

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