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Anna Hazare, his demands for ending fast, media-sponsored-movement and celebration of victory on the parliament

Vivek Umrao Glendenning MCIJ International Journalist, the Chartered Institute of Journalists, London

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(About the photo- Vivek Umrao Glendenning is talking with the mass for decentralization of powers and economy with the around 100,000 villagers in a mass meeting organized by his organization.)

Just because I had/have different views on Anna Hazare’s media sponsored movement, I was abused by flag-bearers, photo-badge-bearers and email/sms forwarders of Anna Hazare.

I was asked that did I ever do anything for society, I was called as anti-nation and pro-corruption.

Now when Anna has finished his fast, I have few questions in my mind.

I am not very high intellectual also not highly dedicated as the Anna Hazare’s badge/flag/email/sms bearers. Many of the followers of Anna Hazare’s movement are highly dedicated, as they did not stop to take bribes though they were participating in evening candle-marches and marched with the flag of Anna Hazare in favour of Anna Hazare. It was matter of their dedication for anti-corruption movement that they called me many times for hot discussions though they never forgot to take bribes in last 15 days.

Because of their depth of dedication, honesty and objective observation capacity I do believe that they have a tolerance to listen opposite side.

I do not want to say anything for Anna Hazare as an individual, his works in Ralegao and out of Ralegao (if he really did works outside his own native villages except fasts for few days as pressure tactics) and his entire life-span of more than 70 years.

Anna Hazare knows better than I do about his honesty, his commitments, his vision and his interests thus I prefer to leave these matters.

But some important points on Anna’s Jan Lokpal Bill, civilian society and his latest fast, I would like to raise.

Jan Lokpal Bill:

Did Anna team discuss Jan Lokpal Bill with people of India?
No they did not.

Then who made it and why is it called Jan Lokpal?

Civil Society:

How was civil society formed?

How were members of civil society decided? (I do not want to use word ‘selected’)

Anna Hazare’s fast started from 16th of August 2011:

Anna started fast on 16th August demanding PM & Judiciary under Lokpal and enact the Jan Lokpal Bill. However, before leaving Tihar Jail, Anna team had removed demand for Judiciary under Jan Lokpal.

The demands by Anna to end his fast during his fast and the results:

· Government take back its Lokpal:
Result- Government did not take back

· Prime Minister must be under Lokpal:
Result- Government did not make any promise and did not write anything regarding this in the letter to Anna Hazare

· Member of Parliament must be under Lokpal:
Result- Government did not make any promise and did not write anything regarding this in the letter to Anna Hazare

· Bill must be passed up to 30th August:
Result- There is not time limit, it can be held for decades

· The Anna’s bill should be directly debated in both the Houses instead of sending it for Parliament’s Standing Committee:
Result- Jan Lokpal Bill has been sent to Standing Committee with 4 more Lokpal Bills

· Government intervention must be minimum in appointments of Lokpal(s):
Result- Government did not make any promise and did not write anything regarding this in the letter to Anna Hazare

· The discussion on Jan Lokpal Bill must be under 184 with voting:
Result- it did not happen, discussion was done under 193 without voting

Anna’s demand that after introducing their bill it should be debated and passed as law was not even given consideration.

I am not very intelligent to understand that why did Anna Hazare do fast and why did he end his fast.

I do not know why and what should I celebrate? I cannot understand the meaning of achieved second freedom by Anna Hazare.


Vivek Umrao Glendenning
a very layman who cannot see the big things in this media based movement

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  1. you may be right , in fact you are correct
    this whole drama will bring no fruits at the end of the day but ANNA him self has done one good to this poor country driven by MNC & MEDIA ,
    let's hope some ARJUN out of the crowed
    TO make the CHANGE happen actually


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