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The revolutions always change the systems, not the power bearers; So, with whom, you are with in the history? :: an open letter to Anna Hazare

Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi

Gwangju Human Rights Award (2007)
ACHA Star Peace award (2008)
International Human Rights Prize of the city of Weimar (2010)
Ashoka Fellow (2001)

(Lives in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh)

Respected Anna Ji

I am full time worker and now work for the Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR). To make changes in Indian system I became a full-time activist leaving medical profession. My grandfather Late Sh. Shanti Kumar motivated me very much. He was freedom fighter also was follower of Gandhi. He explained how in the freedom struggle of 1857 the British hanged the people of our family and village. Grandfather used to say that "The next freedom struggle will start from the bottom, changes in system can come only from the bottom of social pyramid”. He said that I must always remember the teachings of Gandhiji that the effects in the life of the last person speak for your actions that what is done?

Following the teachings of my grandfather I started to understand villages and towns then I got opportunity to study and understand the thoughts of Babasaheb Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. I realised I am born in corrupt mobster race who robbed everything from the Dalits.

The people of these mobster races known as upper castes people had been using the products of Dalits as parasites, the habit of parasitism killed the importance of labour. Here, corruption started in our society and we the people of upper castes became a greedy race.

When the British came, from the upper castes so many became Raibahadur and Jamindars and became pets and squires of the British government. By these means the upper caste people gathered enough resources.

If we discuss about the social caste system, which was/is the most corrupt and ruthless system; opens things up even more.

India suffered the worst slavery for centuries then what did the people of KSHATRIYA caste (caste of warriors) do?

India has very high illiteracy in the world then what did the people of BRAHMIN caste (caste of intellectuals) do?

India has very high percentages of poor in the world then what did the people of VAISHYA caste (caste of businesspersons) do?

But SHUDRAs and ATI-SHUDRAs (untouchables) always worked hard to produce food, cloth and the products of needs.

The failures of top three castes to act according to their castes; their mentality to not accept untouchables as human beings; to kill importance of labour was/is not corruption?

India Against Corruption who is the leading organization for anti-corruption and supports you; writes in Facebook that the voices come from the streets of Patna "the people who should look after buffaloes they run government - by Kumar Viswas”. Anna Ji what is this? Is this not corruption? Is this Gandhian ideology?

There are posters and banners of “Kshatriya Mahasabha”, “Revolutionary Manuwadi Front” and "Remove Reservation and bring Jan Lokpal Bill”; what is this, Anna Ji?

Arvind Kejriwal himself attended anti-reservation meeting organized by the anti-reservation group "Youth for the Equality".

This means the assets, powers and influences captured and made in five thousand years by the upper castes people by suppressing Dalit people are being used with the most corrupt forms in your movement.

Buddha said, "You make the world as you think”. Because you did not oppose supports of Khap Panchayats (caste-based councils) and RSS (Rashtriya Swyamsewak Sangh) while Khap Panchayats do ‘Honour Killings’ fully based on caste-sytems and Guru Golwalkar the second head of RSS opposed the Constitution and Tiranga(tricolour-Indian national flag) in his autobiography.

Why cann’t you and your team resist them to support? So, I need to know what you want to make. With whom, you are in the history?

Here the historical event of 22 to 29 October 1922 is very relevant to introduce. About thirty thousand people of Italy's civil society surrounded the streets of Rome and the parliament. These people and civil society was supported by corporates of Italy. Then the king replaced the elected government and handed power to Mussolini. This was the first step towards Europe's expansion, which was ended with the Second World War in which 60 million people were killed.

If you are in favour of this in India? It is not the way of Mahatma Gandhi. It would be betrayal of Mahatma Gandhi and his values.

When you were sent to prison, we opposed government actions. We know very well that the government based on caste system and markets can never be a government of the people.

However, your statement from prison came to the media as a video clipping while you were in jail; it was also a corruption and the risk for the law.

You said on 23th August 2011 morning that you made Dalit’s land free by paying 60000 Rs debt in your village. Maybe it was a great charity. But what percentage of lands are owned by the Dalits in India? Lands were captured by upper castes following betrayals to the nation supporting the British rule in India to become landowners and JAMINDARs.

In Uttar Pradesh, we are being rich by using natural resources of tribal communities. We are generating electricity by capturing their water resources but do not share electricity with tribals and the cities are using the most of the electricity power. It is same way as G-7 country people (the world' 20 percentages) use the 80 percentages of resources of the world. The same in a village 20 percentages use 80 percentages of the resources. Is this not corruption? Resources always decide the hold in real political power.

Your team and media project you as second Gandhi but Mahatma Gandhi always focused on inner values.

How many people in your movement are against social corruption, dowry menace and caste system?

How many people do not kill babies in the womb? How their families do oppose baby killings?

Media which is run on advertisements; where still ruling class belong to upper castes have played the game in the name of anti-corruption movement to divert attention from many scams. Media's Radia is stuck in 2G-spectrum scam. Speaking of all scams, but no talk on the coffin scam though the coffin of the martyrs for the nation?

You are associated with Kiran Bedi, his daughter was illegally got admission by misusing Mizoram quota into the All India Institute of Medical Studies (AIIMS) New Delhi by using influence of Kiran Bedi.

Is this not corruption? Or a discount by you for your associate?

We want a strong people Lokpal and for this, we gave a model "Independent Commission Against Corruption" which is the very successful model of Hong Kong towards ending corruption. We had sent appeal giving this model to the government and are fighting for last two years.

New liberation economic policies increased unemployment, inflation and corruption in India. When will it be opposed?

The revolutions always change the systems, not the power bearers. Does this phenomenon not in your revolution?

World Bank opposes corruption, but never opposes new liberation economy policies, while new liberation economic policies are lobbying to sell all the national and social resources.

Due to new liberation economy, most of the works will go to the corporate and NGO's sectors. Why were they kept out of Jan Lokpal bill?

Is your movement playing a role of middleman for new liberal economic systems?

My NGO does social audit for last three years. Do NGOs associated with your movement do social audit?

Lenders in village market buy grains from farmers at cheap rates but sells very expensive. Your Jan Lokpal Bill cannot stop this corruption because private businessperson, organizations and non-government funded NGOs does not come under this bill.

How will your Jan Lokpal Bill stop corruption to protect farmers?

To fight capitalism and communal fascism, we must fight together. Our movements are democratic, secular and for the people.

Do you know a person affected by Hinduism in Norway killed many people there? It symbolizes capitalism and communal alliance of neo-fascism.

We have to integrate with most supressed people (also called Dalits) against to neo-fascism alliance.

You should unite Dalits, secular people and progressive people battling against communal fascism also you should maintain the unity of poor people struggling against new liberal economic policies.

We do not oppose a person born into any religion or caste. Similarly, the opposition of new liberal economic systems is not mean to oppose democratic capitalism. We are calling it New Dalit movement because it is the Dalit community, which suffers the most, is tortured most, and is always synonymous for the political struggle.

Please come forward to build a new India, which will lead towards a democratic and social justice system in the world.

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